David Julian

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is a land of almost 9 million people who speak over 800 different languages. For those almost 9 million people, there are only approximately 500 doctors in the country. Every year 1 in 20 children under the age of 5 will die. Many die from common things such as diarrhea from drinking contaminated water. About 40% of the country has no access to a source of clean water. While looking up statistics on PNG you will see that it is considered a Christian nation, it is very much in name only. While much of the coast has been evangelized as well as some of the bigger cities, when you go into the interior of PNG, you will be met with people who still live as they have for thousands of years. They still practice their animistic tribal customs. While some may have heard of Christianity and may even call themselves Christian, most will take one or two aspects of Christianity and merge them with their animistic beliefs. There is not a true separation and a turning away in many cases.

First Mission

Our first missions experience was to Haiti in 2007 where we worked in a clinic and also an orphanage. It was our first exposure to the mission field.

Becoming a Missionary

Amy felt called into missions as a child and knew that someday she would use her nursing skills to reach people overseas. David felt called into missions as a young adult. He was praying in church one Wednesday night and felt like God was telling him that he was going to be used as a missionary. He wasn't sure how that would work since he had no Bible school training and was not a pastor. However, God confirmed his calling through the pastor who was speaking that night. God confirmed that it wasn't the right timing, but about 10 years later, David went to the alter at church and was praying again and God once again stirred in his heart the calling into missions and that it was the time to start the process. Once again we questioned how we could be missionaries when we weren't pastors and weren't Bible college graduates. However, God called us right out of the pew and gave us the giftings and talents that He has in order to be used to bring people into his Kingdom. David has since gone on to receive his minister's license from the Southern Missouri District of the Assemblies of God.


Daniel Julian - Husband
Ben Julian - Son
Amy Julian - Wife