Christopher Cortte

United States

Chris and Brook are the Directors for the Chi Alpha ministry on the campus of St. Cloud State University in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

First Mission

Chris’ first trip was to Mexico as a youth group leader with River Valley Church—there he came to admire the missionaries and how each of them had given up their lives for God’s choice of where they would go and what they would do.

Becoming a Missionary

When Chris returned from Mexico, he was asked by Pastor Rob to pray about a people group, place or special ministry, and that God would reveal His will. It was then that God began to put a dream in Chris and Brook’s hearts to minister to college-aged students, and in 2010, they were called to St. Cloud State University.


Zion Cortte - Son
Celine Cortte - Daughter
Brook Cortte - Wife
Lily Cortte - Daughter
Carlina Cortte - Daughter