Sierra Hawthorne


Guinea is approx. 14 million in population 47 people groups and 29 are unreached 86.9% of the population is unreached Largest religion is Islam, there is some mixture of animism 0.68% evangelical Currently, God has opened the door for Guineans to receive the gospel. The surrounding countries are predominantly Islamic states where it is against the law to proselytize. Guinea currently has an evangelical president so the government is favorable to the Gospel being preached. The General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God has a calling to plant churches and is eager to see this work happen in his country. As God has made this opportunity possible. Me and several others including AGWM (who has never sent a missionary to Guinea in its history) and AMI (where I serve full time) has both been led by the Spirit to come into partnership to reach the lost. God is moving and we are excited to minister in this country while the opportunity is here!

First Mission

I took a two-week exploratory trip to meet up with my future team leaders in Mussoorie, India back in 2016. Before setting foot in a new place, I was eager and already mentally committed to joining this team in India. My trip involved building relationships with locals by participating in a karaoke night, Zumba, and other fun activities. The majority of my time was spent being with my future team leaders and seeing their lives. Hearing their stories and being in the country only grew my excitement for the future.

Becoming a Missionary

On a Saturday night during a college retreat trip, God shared an image with me. I saw what seemed to be the ocean with several countries floating in the water. What seemed like a map but was geographically incorrect was the image. In the image, I was floating in the air looking out over the waters. I was impressed that God had created me to be a missionary who lived overseas. I wrote it down in my journal and that began the journey of being in missions.