Douglas Lowenberg


We stay up to date with information from the Joshua Project and from Evangelical/Pentecostal groups based in Ethiopia by which we can see the numbers of languages, ethnic peoples, churches that have been planted by the major Pentecostal groups in country (including the EAG and the Full Gospel Believers Church of Ethiopia), UPGs in Ethiopia and our surrounding neighbors.

First Mission

Doug spent the summer of 1974 traveling with his sister Sandi throughout western and central Europe. They started in Holland and went as far as Romania, singing and preaching in coffee houses, on military bases, at missionary meetings, and at churches.

Becoming a Missionary

While Doug was teaching a course in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, he spent an evening in prayer and clearly felt the Lord speak to his heart about bringing his family full-time to this region of the world, the Horn of Africa. (They had previously been involved with plenty of short-term ministry and had spent 2 years in Burkina Faso, West Africa.) At this time they were pastoring in the Twin Cities area and teaching at North Central University—they completed the academic year, resigned from their school and church, raised support, and headed to Ethiopia, where they served a term before transferring to Togo and then to Kenya.


Equipping and inspiring national workers for Africa's churches through Pentecostal, Biblically-based training.


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