Jean Johnson

United States

Jean coaches worldwide church leaders in Asia, Africa and the U.S.A. on how to conceptualize, plant, cultivate and multiply churches and ministries that are indigenous in nature. She makes sure to do this in ways that are culturally relevant, self-functioning, self-determining, self-supporting, self-propagating and self-giving, and that promote a healthy self-image and a healthy community-image.

First Mission

A few days after her graduation from North Central Bible College in 1986, Jean began the journey of planting a church among Cambodians in St. Paul, Minnesota. Because of her training in cross-cultural communications, her first strategic action step was to move into a Cambodian community and “do life” with them. For 6 years, Jean lived among the Cambodians. Their family struggles became her family struggles, their weeping became her weeping, their celebrations became her celebrations, and their laughter became her laughter. After those 6 years, she then headed to Cambodia to serve as a missionary, where she spent another 16 years among the beautiful Cambodian people.

Becoming a Missionary

Jean was called to be a missionary during her High School years in St. Paul, Minnesota, through her exposure to and friendships with Cambodian, Hmong, and Vietnamese refugees.