Gerritt Kenyon


The Kenyons are missionaries to the Youth Culture of Panama and present the gospel to students in the high schools of Panama City. They are launching a Youth Church that will establish a model to other churches in Panama of how to incorporate the emerging generation into their community without requiring them to meet an unstated list of rules and regulations in order to enter the premises or participate in the church community. This church will also provide a place where Panamanian students can retreat to feel safe, valued, and heard…a REFUGE. This REFUGE will house and rehabilitate abused girls within the context of the church.

First Mission

The Kenyons began their missions career in 2006 as Missionaries in Training in El Salvador with Don & Terri Triplett of King’s Castle Ministries. They did evangelism and discipleship training with young adults. Upon the end of their training term, they answered the request to take their experience to minister to the youth of Panama as fully appointed missionaries.

Becoming a Missionary

The call to missions came to both Gerritt & Tara individually when they were each in high school on short-term missions trips. They met years later in college and joined their hearts for missions and left for the field upon graduating from North Central University.


Malachi Kenyon - Son
Tara Kenyon - Wife
Titus Kenyon - Son