Steve Pennington


Steve and Trina are missionaries with Assembly of God World Missions in Nairobi, Kenya, Africa. They are serving as Team Leader Overseers of Live Dead East Africa. They have responsibility for teams in 6 countries. Their primary focus is church planting among unreached people groups and training. In addition, Trina ministers to young ladies.

First Mission

Steve's first missions experience was in 1985 when he went on a team (which included Pastor Rob Ketterling) to India. Trina's first missions experience was to Zambia in 1996.


(Steve) Vice Chancellor, Pan Africa Theological Seminary Lome, Togo (Trina) Africa AG Alliance Women in Ministry Missionary Representative


Josiah Pennington - Son
Priscilla Pennington - Daughter
Micah Pennington - Son
Trina Pennington - Wife